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Dear Future Wealth Builder,

If you turn on CNBC or grab a copy of the Wall Street Journal, you'll find that everyone is trying to find their "edge" by predicting where the market will head next.

But making the right call is really tough!

It's so important, that big banks and hedge funds spend millions of dollars on analysts and research just to figure out where the markets will be in a year.

(And they aren't always right!)

Do you really want to compete with these guys?

Would you believe me if I said you could build wealth in the stock market without "playing the game?"

I want to show you a simple trading strategy that can easily make you over 40% returns every year without needing to master the market.

If you are looking for better results for your portfolio, read on and I'll show you how you can do it.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Place
Founder and Head Trader

The Most Profitable Asset You've Never Heard About

When you hear about "diversification" what do you think about?

Traditional "Diversification"

Traditional "Diversification"

If you've listened to your broker or the financial media, diversification means having your money in different "buckets" to reduce risk. So they tell you that you need a mix of stocks and bonds, maybe a little gold on the side.

And you could diversify further by picking up some real estate, or maybe some commodities if you want to bet on wheat or corn.

All of that is well and good up to a point, but it still means you will have your head stuck in research and charts all day so you can try to "optimize" that portfolio.

But just recently, a new asset class became available that was once only available to hedge funds or very sophisticated traders.

This asset class is called volatility -- and it reveals hidden profits in the market that you can take without having to predict the future of the market.

How to Make Money With Volatility

Most investors and traders care about one thing: whether the market is going up or down.

But with volatility, you care about how fast the market will move, and whether it will stay in a certain range.

If you are bullish volatility, you make money if the market sees a larger move than what was expected.

If you are bearish volatility, you make money if the market sees a smaller move than what was expected.

That means you can make money on the market no matter what direction it heads, as long as you get the volatility right.

The Dirty Secret About Wall Street

All those people you see on CNBC and read in the Wall Street Journal? They are directional traders.

They always expect the markets to see huge moves in their favor.

That's because if they said the market's going nowhere, they would lose visitors!

But here's what we know-- most of the time, investors are wrong when it comes to volatility. The market has a tendency to overprice what actually happens.

And you can make profit from that fact.

Building Wealth With This Options Trade

There is an option strategy known as an "iron condor." It may seem complex at first, but all you need to know is that you profit if the market stays within a range.

An Example of an Iron Condor

An Example of an Iron Condor

It is a high odds trade that takes advantage of investors expecting large moves all the time. This is a bearish volatility strategy that can produce consistent profits every single month.

How does this work so well?

Basically, you have these directional traders who are expecting massive moves in the market. And they will take bets using options, expecting that these massive moves will happen sometime soon.

Iron Condors allow you to take the other side of that trade. So those traders expecting huge price swings in the market pay you when they are wrong.

It's like getting a paycheck every single month from Wall Street!

But all of this comes with a catch...

The Problem With Iron Condors

The problem most people have with iron condors is that they think  these kinds of trades are "set and forget," where you just put on an iron condor and are guaranteed a return.

But sometimes the market does move a lot-- and if you don't have a plan, then you can stand to lose a lot of money.

You see, Iron Condors are an active strategy. You need to know how to adjust them to manage your risk, so you can be consistently profitable throughout the year.

I know all about these problems. I have personally taught over 1000 students how to trade options, so I know the problems you face as a new trader.

What you need is a trading framework that you can use, month after month, to put on trades with full confidence.


The Iron Condor Intensive
Here's what you will learn...
Iron Condors and the Markets
Learn why the stock and option markets give you consistently profitable setups using iron condors. You will learn the concept of "risk premium"  and market cycle theory.

You will also see how iron condor trading fills in a much needed area in your trading strategy set.

Why You Should Trade Iron Condors
As a retail trader, you must use your small size as an advantage.

You will learn why iron condors don't work for institutions and how you can have a profitable edge with iron condors.

How to Build Iron Condors
Gain a full understanding of the iron condor by building the iron condor two separate ways.

You will also learn about the concept of risk, reward, and odds-- and what needs to go right for you to make money trading iron condors.

The Risks in Iron Condors
Understanding what turns your trade to a profit or a loss will give you an edge over other traders.

These risks-- known as the greeks, will be explained in detail as iron condors have a unique set of risks not seen in simpler option trading strategies.

The Best Markets for Iron Condors
The best conditions for trading iron condors will be revealed, as you will learn about the concept of volatility, and how to analyze the volatility landscape to find the most profitable trades.

You will also see how to compare different stocks and etf's to find the best stocks to trade iron condors.

Picking the Right Options
The hardest part about entering an iron condor is knowing what strikes to choose.

This training will show you how to use an option's delta to be consistent in your entries, and what the duration is the best to choose when putting on an iron condor trade.

The Iron Condor Lifecycle
Have the entire iron condor trade planned out for you-- through entry, management, and exit.

This allows you to trade without fear as you will be able to plan your trade and trade your plan.

Iron Condor Execution Tactics
Learn cool tricks that most traders don't know about when putting on iron condor trades. See how to break up a trade to get a better price, and how to "leg in" to a trade to gain a higher edge in the trade.


Basic Adjustment Strategies
See how to manage your risk with strategies such as condor rolls and time rolls. These adjustments will help you reduce the directional exposure in your trades as well as increase your odds in the trade.


Advanced Adjustment Strategies
Learn other methods to reduce your risk, including gamma scalping using stock and futures.

You will also find ways to protect yourself against a market crash, as well as any near term fast moves.



Get Monthly Profits from Only 15 Minutes a Day

Don't get me wrong, you still need to put the work in to learn how to trade Iron Condors.

But once you have mastered the concepts, all you need to do is plan your trades and trade your plan.

And this only takes 15 minutes per day.

You see, iron condors are just a function of managing risk. You don't need to do a ton of complicated market analysis. Instead, you define your adjustment levels before you get into a trade, and then you wait until those levels are hit.

When you do need to adjust, the strategies you can use only take a short amount of time to trade.

And some months you don't even have to do anything and you just let the profits roll in.

The 3 Big Issues With Iron Condors

Because I've worked with so many traders, I know the kinds of problems they have with iron condors-- and they generally fall into 3 categories:

Issue #1: Options Are Complicated

Options are as complicated as you make them out to be. If you get your nose stuck in a college textbook to learn all about option pricing, you will probably be too scared to place a trade in the real market.

The Iron Condor Intensive takes a much more practical approach. Because you focus only on a single option strategy, you only need to know the risks and rewards in this particular strategy.

You will learn a cool trick with the option greeks that will allow you to be consistent across different stocks and different months.

Issue #2: I Don't Have the Time

There's no easy answer to this one. If you aren't willing to put in a little work up front that pays out massive returns for decades to come, then there's no training in the world that will help you.

What we have done with this course is made it as compact as possible. This isn't some massive project that you have to go through. This system is the result of teaching many other people, so we know what works and what doesn't. You will learn exactly what you need to master iron condors without any filler.

Issue #3: I Don't Have a Huge Account

The cool thing about iron condors is that they are a strategy that can only be used my smaller investors. That means you are the big fish in a small pond-- it's a good place to be!

Iron Condors scale. That means if you are starting with a small account, you can continue to reinvest your trading profits to quickly compound your account. This beats letting your money sit in a bank account earning 0.5% a year.

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"In the past 3-4 months, I have learned things almost on a daily basis that I will use for my lifetime as a trader."
"Steve is a great teacher with tremendous knowledge of options and the market. "


You Also Receive These Bonuses
Trade Lifecycle Journal- $99 Value
Keeping an options trading journal can be tough when trading iron condors, so you get a template that works within the right trading framework.


RRP Calculator - $129 Value
Our proprietary spreadsheet allows you to find the best iron condor to trade across different ETFs and stocks.

You can eliminate all the guesswork in your trading as this will help optimize your risk and reward.


IWO Premium Trial- $79 Value
Gain 1 month access to IWO Premium, our monthly subscription service. At IWO Premium you will get nightly videos, trade alerts, and a chat room full of professional traders.


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